PFG Professional HR Services is part of PFG Bulgaria. We are HR & Recruitment Consulting company and Professional Employer Organization, that provides services in the fields of HR Consulting, Technical Recruitment, Co-Employment, Dedicated Teams, as well Payroll and HR administration. Our services are tailored and personalized for each of our partners and we strive to focus on quality and speed of delivery. This reflects in the commitment of our recruitment team to offer utmost satisfaction to both – candidates and partners.


ICT Recruitment

Individual Approach

Potential Match of at Least 80%

Unique Recruitment Framework


Marketing Knowledge and Active Connections

Thorough Screening Process

Transparency and Confidentiality


No Need to Establish a Bulgarian Entity

Reliable Local Partner

Low Risk Level on a Reasonable Cost

Recruitment Campaign

Fill Openings with Larger Number of Slots

Execute All Stages of the Recruitment Campaign

Answer the Specific Needs of the Client

HR Consulting

Diagnose the Weak Spots

Create or Reshape Your Organizational Structure

Reinvent and Support Your Hiring

Why Choose Us

  • We deliver the perfect fit between candidate and employer

  • We build strong and successful partnerships

  • We have well-established connections with more than 10,000 IT specialists with various competences, skill sets, and experience

  • We match the technical and personal skills of the candidates with the company’s culture and vision

  • We deliver our HR services with excellence

  • We embrace change and the opportunity it brings

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