Becoming a parent is one of the most amazing and joyful moments of one’s life. Yet having a baby requires lots of resources. Balancing the time you have to care for your child and the time you have to work proves to be tricky. Some recent mothers are eager to resume their careers, others prefer to stay at home, and there is a third kind, who seek the middle ground.

Especially for those mothers here are some tips on choosing the best jobs, which will allow you to spent lots of time with your baby and still earn money.

Although our suggestions are aimed at recent mothers, most of the entries are appropriate for recent fathers, as well.

1. Translator

In case you speak another language or even more than one you could seek a collaboration with a translating agency or a temporary assignment for a project. The web space is full with such opportunities.

Pros are that you could work in the evenings after you have put your baby to sleep and that you can choose the load and deadlines you agree to take. Keep in mind, that to be a good translator you need to be really well concentrated, so if you feel exhausted after caring for your baby during the day, perhaps this is not the best fit for you.

Also, it is a sedentary job, which isn’t suitable for very active people – yet you could compensate during the day with long walks and even jogging with your newborn. Best of all you can do it from home.

2. Content Creator

Being a Content Creator in essence is very similar to being a translator – you get to create articles, write webpages, and create images and infographics or even videos. Depending on your skills and preferences being a content creator is an amazing job for an artsy person with computer affinity. Pros and cons are pretty much the same as for the translator.

3. Developer

Another opportunity for work from home is being a developer. Again pros and cons of this job opportunity are much the same as for the translator and content creator jobs. But if there is a possibility to lend those jobs without any previous experience it is highly unlike to wake up after you gave birth with the appropriate skills to be a developer.

So if you were a developer before you had a child you could still work as one – you could work part time for the same company, be self-employed or even start your own business.

4. SEO Specialist

Yet another modern job, which gives you the opportunity to work from home, be self-employed and decide upon the quantity of your workload. You would need some previous experience to be a Search Engine Optimization Specialist. Pros and cons are pretty much the same as for the positions mentioned so far.

5. Website manager

This is the last computer related option we mention, promise! Websites, online shops, chat-rooms, play-rooms and pretty much everything on the web needs managing and such persons are in high demand at the moment. No experience needed and no special skills.

6. Crafts

Perhaps you are a creative person with more of a hands-on approach. If this is the case then you can put your imagination and craftsmanship into work and actually earn money. Being a recent parent probably means your mind is mostly full of baby stuff, so it is a good idea to orientate in making products for babies or mothers. Examples for such products are baby accessories, pacifiers and toys, but really your imagination is the limit.

7. Private Teacher

Obviously choosing what type of a job to do as a recent parent depends on your skills and education. If you have pedagogical education an easy job is becoming a private teacher. Once again you could do it from home in a suitable for you and your baby time and load yourself with as many students as you can take. This is a great alternative to all the rest, because it combines the benefits of a computer-related job with the benefits of a more communicative job.

8. Projects

As a recent parent you could be on the look for short projects in your area of expertise. This will keep you in in shape for resuming work in the future, but will allow you time to spend with your child. You could find such projects on the web or ask at your community council.

9. Childcare

In case you enjoy taking care of your baby, have warm feelings towards all babies and feel like you have the energy to care for a bunch of children, you may open a home childcare – it is becoming very trendy in many communities. Presumably your neighbors would prefer to have their children taken care by someone they know and trust. You could also take turns with other moms, thus allowing you to get back to work, in case your job is flexible enough.

10. Private Cook

Lastly, mostly because it is a more specific job, if you love to cook and have the skills or if you are a professional cook, but prefer not to spend all of your time in a busy and stressful environment you could become a private cook. There are many busy people and families, who will happily pay for your services a few evenings a week, for example.