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10 Must-Have Soft Skills for Technical People

March 9th, 2015|Career Advice|

Nowadays, the IT pros need a combination of technical and soft skills to be effective and successful at their job and to advance their career. But the range of highly valued soft skills continues to expand which sometimes makes it difficult for technical people to catch up with the market demands. Yet one thing is [...]

Top 10 Must-Have It Certifications

March 1st, 2015|Career Advice|

Many IT specialists enjoy the advantages of gaining a certification, which range from salary raise and increase of productivity and effectiveness to ensuring job satisfaction and job security. That’s why in order for you to get the same benefits and the best chance of getting a job, we decided to present you some of the [...]

Do You Plan Your Career? Let’s Build Your Grand Career Plan.

January 5th, 2015|Career Advice|

“How do you see yourself in 5 years”, a typical questions that you can encounter during a job interview. What’s your grand career plan? Do you plan your career? Many might proudly confirm by saying, “Yes! Yes!” and add, “Here is how I see myself in 5 years…” The list might be rich: “I will be a [...]

7 Tips for Managing Workplace Stress

December 11th, 2014|Career Advice|

What events or situations create work stress? Too much work? Too little work? Challenging assignment? An unexpected call to the boss’s office? Everyone can feel stressed at some point. But what can be done to reduce stress at work? Have a look at our suggestions for managing workplace stress. Avoid negative thinking and self-judgment. Many [...]

Job Hunting via Social Media Platforms

December 11th, 2014|Career Advice|

Many of the top firms are now shaping their recruitment strategies and extending their online presence. A research conducted by Jobvite concludes that more and more companies rely on social recruitment to meet the human capital goals of their businesses. They heavily use social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to boost their [...]

Twitter as a Job Searching Resource

December 10th, 2014|Career Advice|

Do you think you are effectively using Twitter’s full potential for finding your next job? With the spread of social media, Twitter became a useful tool for many job seekers. That’s why we decided to share with you a few simple steps that can enhance your Twitter account. Even in the social media world people follow their [...]