How are artificial intelligence and human resources linked?

The Human Resources field has developed much in the past century and so have the tasks it serves. Thus the necessary tools to complete those tasks. While in the past it was all up to the human factor in the 21 century the human resources field relies more and more on technology. As technology develops it takes over many of the tasks, previously done by employees.

In the past 20 years we started speaking about Artificial Intelligence and its impact on our society. Some are great adepts of the futuristic concept. Others argue that we shouldn’t trust machines to do the thinking instead of us.

Recruitment and Artificial Intelligence

Today we will talk about the impact of Artificial Intelligence on the Human Resources field.

Let’s take it step by step.

First we have recruitment. The way we usually do it is analyze what kind of employees we are going to need and how many, then create a job description and based on it – an add to post, so that we can reach potential candidates for the job. Then we proceed by finding the best places, where we are most likely to recruit the best suited professionals for the opened positions. Because of the infinite opportunities the internet provides us with this task is both easy and hard. It is easy due to the accessibility of all types of recruitment websites, professional groups and forums. But it is hard, because it takes years of research to know how to find and reach those websites, groups and forums and by the time you have created a database things have already changed. This is where AI comes into play. Instead of wasting our valuable time doing mundane tasks AI can take over.

Imagine that the intelligent computer can calculate when and which positions will open. Then it can generate an appropriate job description shifting through giant loads of information. Next AI would find the best spots on the web to place the job advertisement. All done with a lot less effort, while saving valuable time and resources to the company.

Selection and Artificial Intelligence

The add is posted in all the right placed and someone must read all the CVs and choose the best suited candidates. Perhaps some already have questions. That is another ton of work for the HR team. But what if there is a way to skip it?! AI can use algorithms that can detect the best candidates and choose them for you. Not only that, but the technology has developed so much that AI is able to answer basic question in a real time chat.

In no time with the help of the AI we are at the second stage of our recruitment process – the interviews. At this stage it is rather a choice to do the interviews in person or use some personality, intelligence and professional test. If we are to choose the second then AI can do the work again – sent those tests to all candidates, calculate the results and give us the top best job applicants.

Now we are at the final recruitment stage. For that stage indeed most would prefer to use actual human intelligence to find the best fit for the company. But the Human Resources team has just begun its job.

Training and Artificial Intelligence

Next we have initial introduction to the company policies and rules, then different types of trainings. Usually those are performed by the HR specialist, but there is an alternative. AI can do the trainings instead, being able to answer most questions. Humans would be needed only to answer unusual or rather complicated queries. You are skeptical this is possible?! Then think again about search engines like GOOGLE, which today are able to answer your question before you asked them. The algorithms needed for AI to perform are much like those already in use by GOOGLE. Still skeptical? What about the cars that drive themselves?

The instructed and trained new employees still need a lot of maintenance. Their salaries and bonuses should be calculated, as well as the paid and unpaid holidays, sick leaves, etc. Perhaps there is a schedule to be designed and tasks to be delegated. Yes, AI can also do that.

Will we, Human Resources companies get useless because of AI?

There are different opinions on the topic. Almost positively the lower ranks, dealing with the basic mundane task would become unnecessarily, but most adepts of AI believe that by automating those tasks the HR specialists will finally get the opportunity to concentrate on the really important aspects like motivation, improvement of performance and career orientation. HRs will be able to spent as much time as needed for human to human interactions and approach each employee or issue differently. Of course the HRs will need a much better understanding of the technology and such skills to perform in the new environment.

We are not there yet, but we will be relatively soon. Some of the HR tasks we described AI could perform, already are automized in a few companies around the globe. The technology is being developed as we speak. So would you let AI recruit your employees? Or would you work for a company, which trusts AI to recruit you?