Tools for employer Branding

Obviously there is great deal of tools used for employer branding – our goal here isn’t to list all of them, but to rather guide along the clusters of employer branding tools.
Online marketing would be the first that comes to mind, perhaps because we are tech people. It may be a special website dedicated to recruitment, a “we are hiring” section in the main website or even a commercial in another website. Not to forget the power of social media and the special websites, created for recruitment.
Then you have the targeted branding – advertising wherever you think you may find the right applicant for the job/s. Those may be schools, universities, activities centers, interest groups and even other companies, with the same or similar activity (stealing employees is not a new concept, but you must be able to prove that you offer much better condition).
The regular channels, such as radio, television, newspapers and even flyers are also good employer branding strategies. Most of the world population reads newspapers, listens to radio or watches television.
Surveys also help greatly for the employer branding, as they do not only provide the future applicant with information about the company, but also provides the company with information about the current needs and work-related desires.
Employee satisfaction is probably the best branding tool yet invented. You may use all the existing channels and still be unsuccessful in the branding endeavor, if your employees are dissatisfied with their jobs and tell about it. You must grow the culture in your employees to share their job satisfaction, their desire to stay with the company and grow up in its structures. Your employees must be able to recommend your company to their husbands and wives grown children and close friends – that’s when your employer branding strategy is truly successful.

Employer Branding through Social Media

Choose the best social platform, where most of your targeted future employees will be and create a profile. If you have the resources, use them all – LinkedIn, Facebook, G+, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. You may also target local websites, or websites for special interests, like GitHub or Deviant Art.
Then be playful, genuine, open – no one desires to work for a “grumpy”. Sure work is serious and we must treat the workplace and the company with respect, but we should also have fun at work and perceive it as a happy place – that way more endorphin will reach the blood flow and we will be more productive and a better acid to the company.
Use various means – the web is full of everything and one can rarely be surprised by something new – use articles, infographics, pictures, mimes, stories, videos, audio files, games, interactive materials, quizzes – the more the merrier.
Last, but not least listen to the feedback you receive and improve constantly.

Employer Reputation in the context of Employer Branding

Let’s start with a story. Once upon a time there was this company, which never paid salaries on time, actually to some of the employees didn’t even pay the whole salaries and to the newest employees didn’t pay a salary at all. So you can imagine that in a few months the company became famous with that behavior in the area and no one from the city wanted to work there and all newcomers were advised, also not to. Sometimes there would be a newcomer or two, who would start working for the company, since no one warned them, but after a month work and no pay they would get the situation and obviously quit. About 10 years later the company got a new owner – a really good businessman, who wanted to invest in it and bring it to glory. And so he did, the products were high quality at a great price and he implemented the newest technologies. Even so no one wanted to work for that company. He tries rebranding the company, offering higher salaries and more benefits than the competition, but nothing worked.
Do you get my drift?

The meaning of Employee Value Proposition

Do you know what a BHAG is? It is literary Big Hairy Audacious Goal – it is a seemingly unachievable goal companies declare as a long-term strategy.
Do you know what GOOGLE’s BHAG is?
“Organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible to the public.”
Nike’s BHAG is:
“Crush Adidas”
You get the drift. So the employee values proposition is something of the sorts. It is a short statement describing what the company strives to be for its employees. Much like the BHAG it must be bold, short, clear, and positive. It is what you want your company to be remembered by, it is what the applicant will expect from you, and it is what you must be able to offer. Examples for such are:
“We’re building a company people love. A company that will stand the test of time. So we invest in our people, and optimize for your long term happiness.”


“We work hard, throw Nerf darts even harder, and have a whole lot of fun.”


“At Goldman Sachs, you will make an impact.”


“Oh what fun. Hop in!”


“A thrilling experience. Inspiring company. School of excellence.”


Human Resource Management Branding

As you can see the employer branding is not a simple job and presumes some resources on part of your company. But there is another way – you can hire an HR company to do your branding or even better use their branding. Any respectable HR Recruitment company would be carefully branded as an advertiser for serious and desired employers. The only thing you are left to do is tell your preferred HR Recruitment company what is you are looking for and they will do the job instead of you. You wouldn’t have to worry about Social Media and such. Of course, still your reputation would matter, but you will receive the much needed help for your recruitment process.