GitHub – The Place for Programmers to be in the 21-st Century

In this article we are going to review GitHub as it is the most common tool for programmers. We will firstly explain what GitHub is, then proceed with how it’s used and finish with positive and negative opinions about the platform.

What is GitHub?

In this paragraph you will find the answers to the questions What is Github?; What is it good for?; Who is using it?

Basically GitHub operates as a Git web-based repository hosting platform, which offers diffuse check-up control and SCM, or Source Code Management feature of Git. Actually GitHub also incorporates independents features.

What is the difference between Git and GitHub? Whereas Git is only used as a basic command-line tool, GitHub provides users with so much more – an easy to use graphical interface and desktop. You can actually also use it on your mobile device and get access control as well as many functionalities for collaboration, such as task management, project specific wikis, feature requests and bug tracking.

A few million programmers worldwide build their personal projects on GitHub. The developers also use GitHub to support their business, but mostly to work together on open-source technologies.

There are many ways to connect to GitHub, some use the website, others a Git client on the command line or a plug-in in their preferred IDE, but most prefer the GitHub desktop GUI.

Beside the functionalities of a portal for open-source projects, GitHub is often used by developers as a place to gather and share ideas. After you create your account you don’t necessarily have to contribute to the open source project, you are welcome to check others projects in order to improve your experience and knowledge.

Functionalities GitHub provides for the developers

Simple interface design for some of the most used GitHub activities is provided by the latest version and yet it doesn’t provide all the tools, the site does. The 3.0 GitHub desktop version is now the same for Mac and Windows. By launching it you will access the options of cloning, creating and opening any Git-compatible repository. In addition you will be able to create or switch branches, commit changes, open pull requests and perform merges. Commits changes are shown in the same way as the diff syntax by GitHub and comparison of the branches is possible. In case you are familiar with Git or GitHub plug-ins for IDEs you should have no trouble with the desktop version.

No matter the size all GitHub repositories have the same set of great tools. In order to identify and timely address bugs in the system you will get flexible and dependable issue tracker. But what will make your code configuration and creation so much easier is the possibility to work with other people in real time at the same code. You can work with a team situated all around the world thanks to that great GitHub function. Because of the robust API integration GitHub can be used by a lot of apps.

• Project tools, which have been tested on the field
• Issue tracking tools integrated in the system
• Review of the code in collaboration
• Features for the management of the team or of the organization
• More than 200 programming languages
• Automatic competition
• Zen Mode Writing experience
• Sharing code through the Desktop GitHub
• Great integrations
• Robust API
• GitHub Pages

Pros and cons of GitHub according to the developers, who use it

As each initiative is diverse it may need a particular IT Development Software solution to be modeled according to the size of the business, customer and staff preferences and the exact niche. Obviously each business would prefer a different app, and so there couldn’t be just one that is ideal. When choosing the app you will be working with you must consider what you need it for and will it best suit your staff’s needs. Is it a basic and uncomplicated service that you need, providing only rudimentary functionalities or do you need more advance functions for your experts? Does you industry require some peculiar features? By answering those question you will make a much better informed decision when choosing the software to work with.