Our History

June 2018

NLP Certification

Part of our recruitment team became Business NLP Practitioners, certified by NLP Training Center. This is the first NLP center as well as the only accredited one by the International Trainers Academy, created and led by the co-creator of NLP John Grinder, in Bulgaria. By the end of 2019, all of our Recruitment Advisors will be Business NLP Practitioners.

March 2018

Expanding Our HR Consulting Services

In 2018, we also expanded our HR consulting services in terms of partnerships and range of services we offer.

February 2018

Technical Knowledge Re-Certification

As we strive to keep advancing our technical knowledge and keep it up-to-date, this year our recruitment team was re-certified on “Comprehensible Technologies for Professionals in Recruitment” by MNKnowledge.

October 2017

Expanding Our Dedicated Talent Acquisition Services

This year we also expanded our services related to providing dedicated Talent Acquisition Consultants to assist our partners on-site with their recruitment needs and goals.

June 2017

Further SocialTalent Certification

Our recruitment team took their expertise even further and gained three other SocialTalent certifications, “Black Belt in Strategic Sourcing”, “Black Belt in Technical Recruiting” and “Black Belt in Social Selling”, becoming the only Recruitment Advisors in Bulgaria with four SocialTalent certifications.

September 2016

SocialTalent Certification

In 2016, our whole recruitment team earned “Black Belt in Internet Recruitment” certifications by SocialTalent, one of the best and globally recognized certifications for recruitment professionals. Up until now, we are one of the few Recruitment Advisors in Bulgaria who have their recruitment expertise certified by SocialTalent.

May 2015

Technical Knowledge Certification

Our whole recruitment team consolidated technical knowledge by earning “Comprehensible Technologies for Professionals in Recruitment” certifications by MNKnowledge, who created this course especially for us and suited it to our needs. It was led by IT professionals with up-to-date and hands-on technical experience, who shared their knowledge with us in deep technical details.

April 2014

Expanding Our Portfolio

The second and third co-employment teams were established. We also established our internal software development department to expand our portfolio of services to provide customized web development solutions. PFG Bulgaria also expanded the recruitment portfolio of services and we have now started providing complete HR consulting as well as internal recruitment and recruitment process optimization.

December 2013

100% Growth

We ended 2013 with 100% company growth and double our revenue.

Recognized by Forbes

At the end of 2013, PFG Bulgaria was recognized by another business leader, Forbes. We were nominated in "Quality of services" as well as "Best customer strategy" categories on the Annual Forbes Business Awards in Bulgaria.

March 2013


PFG Bulgaria got the recruitment business to a new level by establishing our first Co-employment team.

January 2013

European Business Awards Recognition

In January 2013, the company started with another recognition, this time by the European Business Awards, as we were nominated in the category of "Customer Strategy Focus".

December 2012


This year, the team commitment was recognized by B.I.D. and the company was nominated for the Annual Summit Quality Award. The year was exciting for every single one of us, as except the B.I.D nomination, PFG Bulgaria was recognized as one of the top HR Consulting companies in Bulgaria by being the only consulting company that became finalist in 2 categories on the Annual HR Awards. The team were recognized in the category of “Best use of the Social Media for developing the HR industry” and the HR Manager of the company was recognized as “Most engaged HR Professional”.

February 2011


February 2011, PFG Bulgaria officially starts operating on the Bulgarian market and provides high-quality HR Services.