We continue to strive for the best results in our work with professional ITs and that’s why we are presenting you one of our successfully hired people – Miroslav.

Miroslav started working in Atlas Services 7 months ago in the position of a Junior SAP BW/IP consultant. His dedication and self-motivation led his path to a professional level. With only basic knowledge about SAP field, in the beginning, he made it through and now he is dealing with SAP BW/IP related processes and procedure for Atlas’s biggest partner.

His responsibilities include generation of custom reports and dashboards, data warehousing related tasks, ETL process development, etc. He is also taking part in the design and solution implementation processes, again in the field of SAP BW/IP. He is a real example of what motivation and hard work can do with your career.

What is it that you like the most in your current job?

– One of the things that I like is that I have the opportunity to travel. Often I go on business trips in Germany. For me, there is a big difference if you talk to a client on the phone or in person. My experience shows that communication face-to-face is much more efficient. So, yes, I like that part of my job.

The second thing is that I met so many professionals who are helping me on the path of SAP consulting which is new for me. I faced many obstacles but with the help of these people beside me, I managed to go through and learn a lot of new things.

Where did you hear about PFG Bulgaria?

– In June last year I was just looking for open positions in Jobs.bg, and I found the job post for Junior SAP BW/IP consultant. I read the description; I liked it, and although they needed a person with experience, it was not obligatory. The primary requirement for that person was to have the ability to learn fast and have the self-driven attitude also to be reliable and motivated. After I had applied, I received a call from PFG Bulgaria, and I talked to Pepi. She asked me politely when would it be suitable for me to go to their office for an interview. We set time and date, and that was the start of the process of communication with PFG.

When I went to the office for the interview, I had the pleasure to meet Martin and Pepi in person. They made me feel comfortable so I could talk without hesitation. For me, this is very important. You probably know what is the feeling when you go to an important interview, and you are nervous and worried. But I can say that they succeeded calming me, and I could easily talk with them about my experience and my fields of expertise.

Their attitude is fantastic; they are professionals with a very friendly attitude. Martin tried to break the ice, and we talked in English, in Bulgarian, questions weren’t tricky, so I answered all of them easily. He told me everything I needed to know about the job position, about the requirements, what is the next step in the process of hiring if they like me and so on.

What was your first impression from your communication with Pepi?

– My first contact with Pepi was over the phone, so my impression was that she is very educated and intelligent person. I have to say that when I met her in person, my first impression was confirmed.

Our phone call was short but concise. She invited me to an interview in the office of PFG, and I received most of the information when I met Martin and Pepi in person.

How did the process of hiring go after your first interview in PFG Bulgaria?

– I had another interview with my current bosses. The interview itself was via Skype, and it was related to my IT knowledge and experience. This interview was very specific, and they wanted to know if I have the knowledge to perform my daily tasks in the position of Junior SAP BW/IP consultant and If I have the skills for this position.

Did you maintain communication with someone from PFG through the whole process of interviews?

– Yes, absolutely! I maintained contact with Martin. He tried to help me with everything he knew. He underlined some of the important issues I needed to clarify, he guided me through the whole process and helped me a lot! After the hiring process was complete and I signed my contract with Atlas, Pepi was calling me regularly to see how I am, how the job is going, if I am satisfied with it… We still maintain contact which I think is great!

What were your expectations at first regarding PFG Bulgaria and did they change over time?

– First, I have to say that I didn’t have previous experience with other HR companies, but I was pleased from my contact with PFG Bulgaria and their professional way of work. It was important to me not to worry when I am in an interview, and they succeeded to comfort me in such way that I could talk freely and do my best.

Their attitude to me (the client) was impressive. I think it’s the most important part of the communication and I liked it.

Would you consider working with the HR team of PFG Bulgaria in future and why?

– Yes, absolutely! I would call Martin or Pepi if I want to change my position or I need something different as a professional experience.

If you could change something you don’t like in the process of communication with PFG Bulgaria what would it be?

– There is no such thing! Everything was flawless!