The Co-employment is well known service in the IT world. We are PEO (Professional Employer Organization) and this service is oriented to foreign companies which want to establish quickly and easy their own operations in Bulgaria and get to a larger pool of skilled professionals in variety of fields.

In providing Co-employment, PFG Bulgaria is responsible for:

  • Assisting the partner in opening their own office without dealing with any paperwork and bureaucracy;
  • Hiring and administering an additional team or teams of software developers/professionals;
  • Hosting the client’s employees physically;
  • Finding new candidates at no expense upon the request of the client or following a plan for enlargement of the team.

What are the benefits of Co-employing developers?

  • You avoid bureaucracy and do no need to establish a Bulgarian entity;
  • You have a reliable local partner to deal with the Bulgarian legislation and cultural differences;
  • You have a professional HR Team that was nominated for “Best HR Team” on 2013 on the local Annual HR Awards;
  • Every partner has dedicated HR Consultant with whom he can speak at any time;
  • You can quickly expand your resources and reach a bigger pool of developers;
  • Every team has personalized HR attention and we create develop & retain strategies;
  • You dictate the duties of the team;
  • You benefit from having your own team focusing on the operations and someone else to handle everything else;
  • You are still in charge – hiring decision, task management and control over the team are all in your hands.

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Why We Are the Best?

No Need to Establish a Bulgarian Entity

Through this model you can benefit from having a team of developers in Bulgaria, without the need to go through the long and bureaucratic process of establishing a Bulgarian entity, finding and running an office.

Reliable Local Partner

We know the Bulgarian labor legislation like the palms of our hands and we can save our clients the trouble of dealing with its minutest details. At the same time we are pretty good at interpreting the more trickier aspects of the Bulgarian culture and save a lot of misunderstandings.

Low Risk Level on a Reasonable Cost

If you choose the co-employment model you leave 90% of the risk of having employees to us and get 100% of the benefits on a cost that is one of the most competitive on the international market.


We increase the success of our partners and maximize the customer satisfaction of both candidates and companies, by providing high value professional and personalized HR services.


Inspired through professionalism, clear communication, proactive efforts and an easy-going process, we meet the needs of our partners by tailoring our approach to each candidate, each position and company.


As an HR Organization, we stand for integrity, efficiency, equity, excellence and trust in contributing towards the success of all applicants and business partners.