HR Consulting

At PFG, we strongly believe that HR is not an administrative function. It might have been just that ages ago, but in this day and age the passive executor role is not enough. We live in an era where technologies are reshaping the workplace by automating processes, eradicating jobs and creating new ones. At the same time, generations are switching and each new generation is changing the business landscape by bringing in its own attitude, work ethic, habits and beliefs.

Imagine having people from two (or more) generations working side by side on a mutual project, using the same tools, following a common agenda and achieving results together. Does it sound like a utopia?

It is not. It just requires focused effort. As an Executive, you cannot perform change management on your own. Not because you lack the skills, but because you lack the time. You might even have a functioning HR department in-house and still struggle to find and implement a new approach to people management.  To keep up with new business demands and switching generations, the HR role should also evolve.  We have already helped a few of our partners rethink their people operations through transformational consulting.

Dare to be next?

What we will do for you:

Diagnose the weak spots

We will get acquainted with your business operations and your existing people management processes and documents. We will search for anything that makes your HR counterproductive or poses a legal threat to you as an employer. We will then describe the findings into an easy-to-understand report and suggest an action plan.

Create or reshape your organizational structure

If you do not have an existing organizational structure, we can create it from the ground up. We will set up and describe processes and workflows for recruitment, personnel management, performance assessment, disciplinary actions and releasing. To back this up with the necessary paperwork, you will receive a custom stack with document templates – hiring check lists, career pathways, job descriptions, job advertisement texts, etc.

If you already have a functioning organizational structure in place, we will devise an action plan to help you remove all bottlenecks and make your HR operations more agile.

Reinvent and support your hiring

From the way you advertise your company as an employer, to how you welcome your new hires – we have you covered. We will design an intuitive, data-driven recruitment and on-boarding framework that brings you on top of other employers in your domain. If you do not have a hiring department in-house, we will become an extension to your HR team and perform hands-on recruitment for your open roles.

Coach you and your trusted managers

Some people are natural leaders but that doesn’t mean they have nothing to learn. We will provide training and coaching for all people managers in the organization on key competences like hiring, talent development, employee recognition, conflict management and retention. We will also support leaders in real situations and step into a mediating role when necessary.

Custom, custom, custom

Our services are here to accommodate all your business needs and challenges. If we discover an issue that does not fit any of the above categories, we will not hesitate to bring it up and offer the needed help.

Why you can be confident in us:

At PFG, we have a track record in consulting enterprises and SMEs for 8 years. We usually don’t like to brag, but we cannot help it when we talk about our people. We employ some of the best professionals in the field and we continually invest in their professional development. Our consultants’ qualifications: Certified Black-Belt in Recruitment; Certified in Strategic Sourcing & Hiring; Certified Mediation Consultant; Certified NLP Practitioner; PhD in Organizational Behavior; Certified NEO-PR Interpreter.


We increase the success of our partners and maximize the customer satisfaction of both candidates and companies, by providing high value professional and personalized HR services.

Individual Client Approach


Inspired through professionalism, clear communication, proactive efforts and an easy-going process, we meet the needs of our partners by tailoring our approach to each candidate, each position and company.



As an HR Organization, we stand for integrity, efficiency, equity, excellence and trust in contributing towards the success of all applicants and business partners.