IT Recruitment

PFG Bulgaria puts into practice the technical and psychological background of its recruitment consultants to find the perfect candidates for its partners. Our IT Recruitment division go through a detailed process with each candidate, checking his/her background and provide the partner with an evaluation of the candidate’s individual technical/language/mental skills – thus ensuring a potential match of at least 80%.

The IT Recruitment focuses on finding the right fit for the position by using a unique business framework. We strive to match the candidate’s profile with the company’s mission, vision and values, to find a skilled enough person who can not only handle the responsibilities of the vacant position, but can also easily fit within the team. When needed, technical person from our Software Department joins the recruiter in the interview to give appropriate technical evaluation of the potential candidate.

Why Are We the Best?

Individual Approach

We tailor our approach to each individual partner, candidate and position to make sure we achieve the highest success rates.

Unique Business Framework

We stay on top and combine the newest trends in the IT recruitment field making sure our clients and business partners always receive the best quality service on the market.

Potential Match of at Least 80%

Thanks to our detailed process and seasoned recruiters, we make sure that the candidates we present cover not only the technical requirements of the position, but also fit within the organizational culture of our client.


We increase the success of our partners and maximize the customer satisfaction of both candidates and companies, by providing high value professional and personalized HR services.


Inspired through professionalism, clear communication, proactive efforts and an easy-going process, we meet the needs of our partners by tailoring our approach to each candidate, each position and company.


As an HR Organization, we stand for integrity, efficiency, equity, excellence and trust in contributing towards the success of all applicants and business partners.