Recruitment Campaign

PFG Bulgaria is not just a recruitment company that provides recruitment services. We are consulting company that provides partnership in the selection, recruitment and HR processes. If you have openings with 5, 10 or even more slots that you need as soon as possible, PFG Bulgaria will assist you or fully execute the campaign for you and bring it to success. The IT Recruitment Department of PFG Bulgaria has connections with more than 10,000 IT specialists, in Bulgaria, with various competences, skill sets, and experience. Combining our efforts, we have proven track record of successful recruitment campaigns with C++, Java, PHP and .NET technologies. There are some technologies that are exceptionally hard to find. We, at PFG Bulgaria, have had chances to work on them, and we have developed a system to ensure that every technology and every need of our clients is met.

We are partnering with Soft Acad, a professional training center that provides training programs in a pool of various technical competences – Java, .NET, ASP.NET, C/C++, C#, Python, PHP/MySQL, Scripting languages and much more. If you need people with special technical knowledge and you want to be sure that they will be familiar with your technologies, PFG Bulgaria & Soft Acad are providing Recruitment&Training campaigns that ensure high success to your team. PFG Bulgaria will target, attract and select the right candidates for you and after the recruitment process is complete, we will send the whole team on a training at Soft Acad where they can gain practical expertise in the exact technologies you need.

Why Are We the Best?

Quickly Fill Openings with Larger Number of Slots

When you need to form a new team or significantly up the numbers of an existing one, we can help by setting in motion all previously developed sources of candidates and organize a large scale recruitment campaign.

Assist or Completely Execute All Stages of the Recruitment Campaign

You can delegate to us only certain aspects of the organization and/or execution of the recruitment campaign or leave all the details entirely in our hands.

Provide Training, Especially Designed to Answer the Specific Needs of the Client

Thanks to our partnership with one of the best IT training companies in Bulgaria we are able to design and provide a training to your new employees that will answer the specific needs of your organization.


We increase the success of our partners and maximize the customer satisfaction of both candidates and companies, by providing high value professional and personalized HR services.


Inspired through professionalism, clear communication, proactive efforts and an easy-going process, we meet the needs of our partners by tailoring our approach to each candidate, each position and company.


As an HR Organization, we stand for integrity, efficiency, equity, excellence and trust in contributing towards the success of all applicants and business partners.