The Company

PFG Bulgaria Ltd. is a Recruitment Consulting Company providing professional HR services for businesses throughout Bulgaria and Europe. The company utilizes a unique business framework and a client-oriented approach to offer utmost customer satisfaction. PFG Bulgaria provides partnership in the selection, recruitment and HR processes with specialization in the fields of IT/Telco, Finances, HR Administration and Payroll, Co-Employment and Development. The main target of PFG Bulgaria is the establishment long-term partnerships and an increase in the overall success of the partners. Having acquired technical knowledge on different topics, the PFG consultants transform and innovate the recruitment business and set new high standards.


Mission, Vision and Values

PFG Bulgaria has 3 key departments who are sharing the same mission, vision and values – Web Development, Technical Recruitment & HR Consulting.


Our mission is to provide professional services to each partner and we are always striving to improve the quality of each process to ensure the success of our partners.


Professionalism, clear communication and easy-going process that helps the partners to achieve success; We will support you at any stage of the process as no one else did before; We will tailor our approach to each candidate, each position and each company; We will act with professionalism and we will provide you with the best fit for your company. A wise HR knows that the best candidate on the market, is not always the best for the organization.


As an HR Organization, we apply process-oriented approach to each candidate, following up with him on every step of the way, earning his trust in the process, and consulting them regarding every aspect of a job offer. As a Professional Business Partner we combine that with target-oriented approach thus ensuring satisfaction to both parties in the process.

How We Are Different?

We are professionally trained and highly devoted to achieving optimal results and satisfaction for our partners. We actually know what it means to be a Technical Recruiter and understand the requirements and specifications of each position and even more, we are striving to match not only technical but also personal skills to the company’s culture and vision. Our goal is to build successful and strong partnerships, not just to have clients and we prove it by receiving nomination for Customer Strategy Focus on the European Business Awards 2013 and nomination for “Quality of Services” on the Forbes Business Awards, Bulgaria 2013.


For over 3 years, PFG Bulgaria Ltd has led transformation in the recruitment business in Bulgaria. We bring together new standards in the ICT Recruitment, by providing each consultant with technical knowledge on different topics. No matter the size of your business, as we are tailoring our approach and you can be sure that we will bring all of our expertise, knowledge and experience to deliver high results. What makes us so special is that, we are devoted and passionate professionals for whom, recruitment is not just a job – it is a mission. Our main advantage is that we are devoted and passionate professionals. We have the abilities to understand technical requirements, and we have high standards of work to ensure delivering success. Our main strengths are hidden in our unique business framework, client’s oriented business program and clear communication. The main target of PFG Bulgaria is long-term partnerships, combined with client satisfaction and a high-quality service. We are striving to the long-term partnerships because the success of our clients is our success. Our specialization and services portfolio are IT/Telco recruitment, Recruitment campaigns, HR Administration and Payroll, Co-employment and Web Development.