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We had old and not very functional e-commerce solution build on Magento 1.4 when we reached PFG’s team. I must say that they not only did what was expected but they also showed us different angels and solutions to some of our oldest problems and consulted us. For us has always been important to work with people that don’t do what you told them to, but consult you how to get the things done the right way.

The best part of working with PFG is that they are like rescue team, always reachable, always giving the desired information in time and very strict to deadlines. When they say that they will deliver, they do.

Managing Director, Seller of Air-conditioning Equipment
I must say that we reached out to PFG’s team very skeptically because we used to work with other companies in Bulgaria and we’ve seen some not very good results. After the first two weeks working with the guys, I understood that this team is different and trying to get into your business so they can deliver results that matter. I was pleasantly surprised that they have process for everything and everything that was requested was delivered and even for somethings consulted us how to improve the logic, so we can bring even more customers. The result of their work was fantastic and 2 months later, we had fully functional and nice looking website and e-store to serve our customers.
Managing Director, Dental Clinic
When PFG was referred to us, we decided to give it a shot. What impressed me is that the guys were not concern to share that some of the logic of our add-on was not making much of a sense and provide a different solution. I’m always pleased to work with people that are not saying “Yes” to everything and they are not afraid to tell their client that he’s making a mistake. We are startup and every input makes a difference and what PFG brought to us as Magento solution, made huge difference.

As a technical person, I must say that this was one of the cleanest codes I’ve ever seen and that the developers at PFG knows very well the patterns and structure of PHP and Magento and I’m confident to refer the company to anyone who needs serious Magento expertise.

Chief Technical Officer, Private E-commerce Startup
We reached out to PFG in a very critical moment when we were about to lose couple of large deals because of the lack of web presence and e-store. PFG managed to do extremely fast delivery of a simple solution to save our deals and make sure our business is running. At this point we knew we can trust them for our web business and decided to leave everything in their hands. PFG are flexible, trustful and definitely a Partner in web development.
General Manager, Import/Export of Medical Equipment
We used PFG’s team to work on some of our business solutions that are very close to our core business and critical for it. Their expertise in PHP and ZF was huge advantage for our team and brought important value to our developers as well. The guys were not afraid of sharing experience and knowledge and to show our own people how to do the things. It’s rare to look for a supplier of some service and got a partner into it – this is what PFG did for us. Made us feeling them as partners in our business and helped us in extreme moments.
Lead Developer, Private Accounting Company

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